Central Coast handmade pottery & ceramic art

My Story

Hi my name is Michaela and I have been living in Australia since 2013, having come from the Czech Republic. I have always felt a deep connection to the arts. Starting from my maternal great-grandfather and on to my grandfather and mother who painted and played musical instruments, I was surrounded by art. Throughout dark times in my life, it was art that sustained me. I found my true artistic passion in the medium of ceramics. Working with a clay allowed me to focus on and express my feelings. It taught me patience and acceptance, as things don't always turn out like you expect !... both in art & life!

I studied a diploma course at the Czech Krumlov Art Ceramic College and gained my diploma in Ceramic Art. I have kept up my art practice ever since. My work has included the restoration of some of Prague's historic building, including painting and gold leaf replacement on ceilings + cornices. Working in Prague gave me access to amazing art and artists and I was lucky to work under Ivan Panov, glazing, modelling, slip-casting and wheel work. I was commissioned to make moulds to replicate historic clay tiles that were part of a relief on a castle and to make a relief sculpture for the city mayor. I arrived in Australia to study English and further develop my art. I continued my work in ceramics and also paintings, completing eight commissioned paintings. Joining the CCPS, allowed me access to a kiln, and the opportunity to meet fellow artists. I was one of 30 selected ceramic artists that made a piece for their 50th. anniversary exhibition at Gosford Art Gallery. Since 2018, I have worked out of my own studio, making and selling usable art ware.

           Each of my pieces is unique as all we are, with message of life lessons & balance in nature.